Rights of use


Rights of use

The Protection of the Intellectual Property of Authors


The contents of the different downloads available on this website WWW.BACKINGTRACKSMUSIC.COM, – be they free or not – are solely intended for private use. The contents of the downloads provided on this website are copyrighted; this applies to PDF documents, as well as to the different mp3 audio , WAV audio, and mp4 video files.

Any unauthorized reproduction, publication, performance, transmission, further distribution (be it commercial or not), download, or public display of the materials provided on this website, in whole or in part, is illegal and culpable.

Make sure that the download is solely and exclusively made from WWW.BACKINGTRACKSMUSIC.COM,, and only after having previously purchased it. Any other form of purchasing is illegal, which means that both the provider and the acquirer (legal entities and physical persons) are liable to prosecution.

All disputes that may arise from the application of the present warning fall within the competence of the court in the publisher’s place of residence.

Please respect the intellectual property rights of the authors!

Allow me to point out that the authors of the products available on this website can only be remunerated if you buy them, not if you pirate them. In their name I thank you for your understanding!


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