Giuliano Gennari (harmonica)

"I am always looking for new material to play from the songs that I like the most and your versions are fresh, very novel and adapt to the accompaniment that I need to play up with my harmonica"

Leandro Feigin (flute)

“Thank God I was able to find this site where they dedicate themselves to making quality tracks. There really aren't many places that record Argentine Tango tracks with real instruments and it sounds like that. ”

Carlos Salom Ferrari (electric guitar)

“I felt very comfortable playing on the music tracks that I recorded to measure.

Norberto gives me the necessary space to be able to freely play my songs and my improvisations. His work is of high quality and I am very satisfied, Thank you. ”

Leandro Feigin (flute)

“I was looking for a long time on the internet and Youtube, searching specifically for Astor Piazzolla music backing tracks which sound good, , not the MIDI cheap ones, and I found this site. Now I have also the SHEET MUSIC that fit right with this version (which is quite close to the original it is worth noting). I am very happy and it helps me to practice and play in my presentations. Thank you"


High quality backing tracks with music sheet