I am a musician

Hello, like you, I am also a musician.

I have been playing the piano since I was 5 years old and I perfected myself in classical piano, jazz piano, and then TANGO.

I received a scholarship to study at the Music University in Jerusalem (Israel) where I studied for 8 years and received a Master degree in composition.

In 1999 I returned to Buenos Aires and studied bandoneon Néstor Marconi and Osvaldo Montes,, among others. Since 2000, I have participated in numerous tango ensembles, as a pianist, bandoneon player and music arranger.

I accompanied singers such as Jairo, Cecilia Milone, María Volonté, Raul Lavie, Susana Rinaldi, Dani Martin, Alberto Podestá, Alba Solis, Tito Reyes, Guillermo Galvé, Néstor Fabián and Violeta Rivas, Abel Cordoba, Maria Garay, Juan Carlos Godoy, Oscar Ferrari, Cacho Castaña, Carmen Flores, Néstor Rolán, Alberto Bianco, among others. 

Y esto me dio la posibilidad de entender muy bien que necesita un SOLISTA para ser bien acompañado. Confecciono pistas musicales a medida para cada cantante (en su tono, con músicos reales, etc).



Nowadays, I work in my own recording studio with a team of professional musicians as well and we record music tracks for singers and also these music tracks for solo musicians.

These tracks can be purchased with the score written for your particular instrument so they can be played on top of our tracks.

It will be a pleasure to be part of your musical project!

Norberto Vogel


High quality backing tracks with music sheet